Five Travel Pointers For Seniors

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Whether going on a vacation or just making a trip across the country to visit family and grandchildren, it’s always good to plan ahead and be prepared. Though vacations are fun, they are also stressful for nearly everyone. They can be even more so once we get older because there are often special needs and circumstances we have to account for that don’t always affect younger people.

So here are five travel tips for seniors:

1. Don’t overpack. There’s no need to have two weeks worth of clothes for a week-long trip. And, if you’re flying, try fitting everything into one bag so you can carry it onto the plane rather than checking luggage. That way there is no concern about losing important items such as medication that can’t be easily replaced.

2. Which brings us to medication. Be certain to get all prescriptions you need filled ahead of time and bring them with you. The last thing you want to be doing on a vacation is waste time in a pharmacy trying to get prescriptions from your home town.

3. If you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids, make sure to properly clean them before your trip. Most problems with hearing aids are due to wax, which can usually be removed with a special hearing aid brush that can be purchased for a dollar or two. Also, bring a hard protective case if you don’t wear your hearing devices all the time. You don’t want your fragile, expensive Siemens hearing aids getting crushed. Hearing well will help to make your vacation enjoyable and, most importantly, safe.

4. Secure your money and valuables. Pickpockets and thieves prey on travelers. Rather than carrying a purse, it can be a good idea for women to use a money belt or fanny pack. Men should never carry a wallet in their back pocket. Wallets can be carried in the front pocket, and there are even wallets that can be worn on a strap around your neck.

5. Prepare for the TSA and other checkpoints. This is another element of traveling that can cause stress for anyone. Have all papers and plane tickets ready to go when entering checkpoints. Wear shoes that can be easily taken on and off.

Follow these tips and youll be ready for many of the common obstacles and difficulties faced by travelers. Youll be able to spend much more time having fun and relaxing.

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