Should We Meditate On Our Own Or In A Group?

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Meditation itself is an individual path where we look inward. It is a path to our true nature or self and it does not exclude the world and other people. We are all made of the same substance, in other words, I am not better than you, and you are not better than me. When one develops compassion towards others, one sees oneself in others and others in oneself, too.

Our individual journeys we begin alone, but our goal is to bring peace to the world. We know that under the turmoil of transient thoughts and material things the intrinsic peace always resides in.

At the beginning, meditating alone helps us to make it a regular practice. The best way in making it regular is doing it when we are alert and relaxed. Regularity in meditation is important without any force, attachment, expectations of benefits and results.

As we progress in meditation, we can meditate alone in the office, underground railway, park, while we walk, make dinner or wash clothes. The possibilities are limitless. Any activity can be turned into some sort of meditation and we wont feel alone in a much deeper sense of meaning. In fact, we will feel more connected to the world around us. The world we share together.

On the other hand, meditating in a group is also uplifting and inspiring. As we we live in a busy world, sometimes going to the meditation center can be difficult to achieve. But, practicing meditation in a group helps us in making it a daily practice as well. More people means more energy. We can feel the collective energy effect when we meditate in a group of like-minded people. We can get support and encouragement. We are the part of a much bigger picture when we meditate with other souls.

Very often, it is not easy to follow the instructions from the video or book. Our awareness and experience are different from other meditators. Meditation is not what we see or read about it, it is an experience we go through in our own unique way. Of course, the more experienced meditators can give us some valuable advice. Teachers can give us the feedback or show us the misconceptions we may have at the beginning. But, our inward journey is beyond attachments, desires, needs, internal and external expectations, results.

The insights we gain through our meditation journey alone or in a group are both valuable and precious. The balanced combination of meditating in the mentioned ways can be a considerable choice for anyone.

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