Vitamins That Surely Invigorate Your Body!

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It is for a fact that all vitamins are important for the body to operate in a proper manner. The lack of a certain nutrient might not affect the entire mechanism of the body, but can tamper with some part of it. Vitamins are basically essential nutrients that your body relies upon.

A lot of us have constituted most of our diets with junk food today, which is not the best move if you want to keep healthy. Junk food is basically empty calories. You eat more, but gain the least amount of nutrients. This consequently leads to a weaker immune system, leaving you open to diseases and disruptions in normal bodily functions. The bottom line is that your body does not get enough energy to work. This is why we have listed the most crucial vitamins that assist in keeping your energy levels up.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 belongs to the B-Complex vitamins. It is one of the most vital vitamins for energy. B-12 stands out amongst the eight different vitamins that are directly responsible in producing energy for your body. They are the nutrients that help in breaking down your food and extracting energy from it by converting it into glucose. In addition to this, Vitamin B-12 also produces red blood cells in your body and helps in maintaining your nervous system.

Susan B from the US Department of Health and Human Services stated that Vitamin B-12 has the ability to aid in performance of all the necessary functions of the body for people who are deficient in any specific nutrient. You can find this vitamin in foods like poultry, meat, eggs etc.

Vitamin B-3

This vitamin is basically a part of a protein enzyme that is used in the process of metabolism. It is a key element in turning food into energy and thus directly involved in the process of producing energy for your daily activities. Niacin, or Vitamin B-3, is commonly found in foods like meat, whole grains, dried fruit etc.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most common vitamins among the whole range. It has several benefits including improvement of skin, healthier hair, better digestive system etc. Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C might not be involved in the energy production directly, but it certainly does assist in it. It is basically an antioxidant which helps the metabolism of protein and absorption of iron. Both of these eventually lead to the production of energy in the body. This vitamin is commonly found in citrus fruits and green vegetables.

There are several other vitamins which are used for different processes throughout the body. However, most of these are also the perfect vitamins for energy since they assist in the energy production either directly or indirectly.

Different foods contain different vitamins. Instead of increasing your diet to consume all the vitamins and minerals your body requires, it is better to add multivitamin supplements to it for good balance.

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