Why Men Feel Bad About Their Size

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Women, girls, teens are well known for obsessing over their bodies. They fuss unnecessarily over their bodies and the flaws that they perceive that they have. They try to use all the ways to achieve an unrealistic goal which can not only be physically damaging but can wreak havoc to their mental health. This syndrome which had affected a lot of young women in the late nineties and early millennium has been termed as Body Fascism.

Surprisingly, today even men have become a victim of this syndrome. Latest numbers indicate that men also in increasing numbers are more and more worried about their appearance. The survey quoted that 81% of men get anxiety flushes at least four or five times a day thinking about their bodily flaws or even when someone directly or indirectly refers to that imperfection and not necessarily towards him. The same survey pegged the percentage of women who do damaging body talk at 75 percent only.

A lot of medical practitioners today report that most patients who come to them are always worried about the size of their reproductive organ than about anything else. They are always unhappy about their size and try to draw a connection between the small size of their member and their poor performance in the bedroom. Even psychologists are seeing fresh cases almost every day of patients who seem to be depressed about the fact that they are not good enough. There is a syndrome which is being documented and research on it is underway. It is called the Small Penis Syndrome. The patients come to the doctor with an average sized organ claiming that they are either too small or that they need to immediately almost compulsively go in for enhancement surgery in order to overcome the mental stress.

The fact is that there is no connection between the length of the penis and the gratification that it can give a sexual partner. Women even concede to the fact that it is not so much the length but the girth of the organ that guarantees them orgasm.

Here are the three reasons doctors attribute to the fact as to why the size is always up on a mans mind. Excessive exposure to pornography: the actors in these films are picked because they are well-endowed and porn is not an authentic representation of sexual intercourse. IT is an exaggeration, and yet it seems to affect men more than it should! However it this impacts you and your quality of life and you want to know how to make your penis bigger there are safe and effective ways to do just that.

Gratification very early in life: the average male loses his virginity as early as twelve or thirteen years of age and with passage of time, his orgasmic levels heighten.

Easy option in surgery: it is easiest to try the treatment for enhancement of size and even easier to go under the cosmetic surgeons knife. This prompts them to explore the option.

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