Staying Active In An Assisted Living Scottsdale Facility

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Health and wellness do not have to slow when a person reaches an advanced age. In fact, many researchers have found that seniors who stay active and live healthy are most likely to live longer and keep in shape. In assisted living Scottsdale facilities, staff members and the seniors themselves come up with many different ways to stay active.

Some facilities have various ways to keep the seniors entertained and physically fit, so that they dont have to spend their days sitting idle. Since some of the seniors live alone in their designated rooms or houses, they may spend their time just doing crossword puzzles or reading. While these activities could maintain brain power, they may not realize that their bodies could deteriorate with inactivity.

Some of the ways through which seniors living in assisted living Scottsdale facilities keep active is by walking or jogging around, visiting cafes or entertainment centers with their friends or visiting family members, and keeping short low impact exercise regimens. Some facilities even have swimming pools or gyms for their residents. Staff members are always around to keep watch and help out if any senior has any difficulties using the equipment. Exercise is known to be beneficial to a senior persons health, especially if he has cardiovascular ailments. Other ways through which seniors could stay active while in assisted living Scottsdale facilities are:

* Social events some staff members arrange social events so that seniors could mingle and make friends with their fellow residents. Having people to socialize with improves a seniors mood and prevents him from feeling lonely or depressed.

* Learning new things seniors in assisted living Scottsdale facilities sometimes take up a new hobby to occupy themselves. Despite their advanced age, some devote their time to learning a new language, playing an instrument, or continuing to study.

* Playing games or sports coupled with social events, some seniors stay active by playing games such as cards, golf, and board games. These help with communication skills and also keep the brain active. Others take up sports to keep themselves physically fit such as tennis or soccer. Some take it a step further and take up Yoga and Tai Chi.

The most important thing to stay focused on being physically fit and active is for a senior to be devoted to a healthy lifestyle. This means also having a healthy diet. Assisted living Scottsdale facilities provide food and everything else a senior person needs to enjoy life even in his advance years.

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