Use Cordyceps Sinensis Supplements For Stress Relief

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Cordyceps sinensis is a type of mushroom that ancient Chinese and Tibetan cultures have used for thousands of years as a remedy. It can be used to shrink tumors, balance blood sugar, treat hepatitis and much more. One of the best uses for it is as an adaptogen.

An adaptogen is basically a substance that can relieve stress because of the manner in which it acts on the adrenal glands. A Russian scientist created the term adaptogen. It is used to describe that class of substances that in Chinese medicine would be called qi or yang tonics.

To qualify as an adaptogen an herb has to have the ability to cause the body to adapt to stress and equalize its functions. Ginseng is a type of adaptogen. All adaptogens have antioxidant properties but not all antioxidants are adaptogen.

Cordyceps is a type of adaptogen. Take it in supplement format and it will give as many benefits as other antioxidants while also helping the body relieve itself of stress. Since stress can cause a rise in blood pressure, heart rate and can contribute to inflammation it is very important to tackle it in a physiological way.

The Cordyceps helps regulate the way the body reacts to stress. It can also help the body increase its tolerance to working out. It helps to increase one’s endurance and is excellent to take before an intense workout.

Formulations of the Cordyceps can be found at just about every online and brick and mortar health shop. The problem can be finding a formulation that works well.

Before taking any type of supplement, talk to your doctors. Make sure no other underlying health problems are causing you to feel fatigued or unable to work out for any length of time.

Once you know you are healthy enough to add a supplement like this to your daily routine, you can choose a bottled formula or the actual mushroom. The problem with finding these mushrooms is that if they are imported from Tibet or China they cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, this herb is among the most expensive available. Supplement forms often come in capsule format and are much more convenient and affordable to take. They are often well tolerated. Some mild side effects include irritated gastrointestinal tracts and stomach discomfort.

Every person is different and every person is exposed to varying degrees of stressors in life. If you have a particularly stressful work life, you work out and have other pressures to deal with, find the purest and strongest formulation of Cordyceps sinensis. If you have a relatively “normal” amount of stress in life, you can choose a formula that includes other herbs or ingredients like artichoke or gingko biloba.

Cordyceps sinensis is very safe to take, especially in most all the formulations available. Do some research online to find the formulations that appeal to you and your needs. Take the supplement as directed, and enjoy feeling greater relief from stress.

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