How To Choose A Good Device For Monitoring Bp

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Watching your blood pressure regularly is key, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. To measure your BP, you basically have two options.You can either go for checkup at your local clinic, or purchase a monitoring device, then conduct the tests by yourself at the comfort of your home. Most people opt for devices that can measure blood pressure at home. They simply do so because it’s both a cheap and convenient option that won’t hurt the pocket .The following article summarizes a few tips to help you select the right blood pressure monitoring device.

Choose an Approved BP Monitoring Device

Ensure that you choose a good device for monitoring bp that has been approved by your doctor. Your doctor will recommend a device based on your current health status. For instance, the device used by a pregnant woman could be totally different from one used by a child, or an elderly person. Therefore, it is crucial that you find out whether a device fits your profile or not.

Types of BP Monitors

Generally, there are two types of BP monitoring devices in the marketplace today. You can either buy aneroid monitors, or go for digital monitors. Most physicians recommend that you choose digital monitoring devices, because they are easy to read and understand. Because they display digital numbers in an easy format, finding your diastolic and systolic rate has never been easier. Additionally, there are many advanced BP monitoring devices that most physicians use to measure hypertension. One of the popular device adopted by many doctors is called HEM. This device measures a person’s blood pressure three times, then recalculate the average BP to produce a more accurate reading.

BP Monitor Device Options

Blood pressure monitors come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose an upper arm device, finger monitor or wrist-based monitor. The monitors that you cuff around your upper arm are the most recommended, followed by those that are cuffed on your wrist. Finger-based monitors are not recommended due to their readings being inaccurate. There are plenty firms making BP monitoring devices around. But the leading brands that you can trust in term of quality include: Omron, Panasonic, Lifesource and Home medic.

Ultimately, choosing the right BP monitoring device requires that you first consult your doctor. Secondly, knowing the kind of device that fits your body is essential. You can either choose devices that are cuffed around the arm, or those that are cuffed on your wrist. Both options can produce accurate results that can help you manage your health better.

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